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ABURY School’s 2nd Anniversary

When the school turned two years we organized a fun day of activities in the village to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the ABURY School. We invited friends from all around the world and the local community!

Time flies and another year has passed since we opened the ABURY school in Douar Anzal, in the Atlas mountains. In the last 2 years, the ABURY Foundation School provided over 50.000 hours of education to the women and their children (3 – 6 years old). Here, they not only learn how to read and write, but they also receive training in environmental care, hygiene, etc. It has changed how the women foresee the future of their children, securing they are better prepared for primary school. Also now they reflect themselves differently, because they have become more secure and confident about themselves. They have bravely stepped forward, accepting to follow the challenging path of education. Asking them what was the main motivation to learn how to read and write, the most popular answers were: “Now I am able to support our children with school tasks”, “I have more autonomy to go by myself to a bigger city or even Marrakesh”, “I can read and understand the doctor’s prescriptions for my child and the package insert.”

On the 1st of March  2015 the school turned two years and we organized a fun day of activities in the village to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the ABURY School. We invited friends from all around the world and the local community!

For the 2nd Anniversary we started our journey towards the Atlas Mountains at 10am in Marrakesh! Driving through an amazingly rich and divers landscape we enjoyed the views of white snow on top of オンライン カジノ the mountains, the red from the soil and a vivid green from rye grass fields!


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At 11.30 children and women were already waiting for us in the school with our teacher Lahcen. Lahcen has been working with us from the beginning of the school. He also comes from the area. His biggest motivation is that he wants to help his community to make the next step!

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At 12.00 we were all invited to go to the chief’s house for some homemade bread with butter and honey and decilious mint tea!

After the tea ritual, we headed to the recently build well. With the support of a donor we were able to build a solar pump for the well. Only one year ago the women and many children still had to spend 4-5 hours a day getting water with canisters every day. Since last year many houses have a direct water supply to the house which makes a huge difference for the whole community.



Returning to the village we were invited to join the Association for female development of the area for a very tasty and typical meal, which the women had prepared for us: Berber Couscous with the most amazing chicken Tajine and for desert a big variety of locally sourced fruits.

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After lunch we went back to the school with the women and children. The women did a “Find your strengths workshop” with our dear friend Tina Meier. We also painted the new school chairs with the children. This was definitely the highlight of the day – not only for the children but also for us.

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One hour later and with a lot of paint spread on smiley faces, small hands and colorful clothes, we all sang together Happy Birthday in Arabic!


A day to remember and to wish for more to come!

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