How We Work

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We created the ABURY Foundation to be able to directly measure and monitor our impact in the communities we work with. It is imperative to us that the funds end up where they are intended and needed, which at the same time means, that we can offer maximum transparency for our donors. By working directly with the people during the entire process, we have the benefit of three major advantages:

  1. We are able to better assess the needs. ABURY Foundation projects are always developed through a dialogue with the community
  2. We are able to offer transparency of our methods. Operating in an ethical way is the basis for ABURY
  3. When needed, we are able to work with local partners (NGOs) directly on the ground


The ABURY Foundation gGmbH is a non-profit organisation registered in Germany. We are able to give tax deductible donation receipts in Germany.


The ABURY Foundation is financed in three ways:

  1. Partnerships with other NGOs: e.g. Astraia Female Leadership Foundation. For selected projects that support education and women empowerement we constantly look for partners to collaborate and be able to scale our impact – together we can reach so much more!
  2. Your direct donation: Become part of the ABURY family! Your donation goes directly to our projetcs and you can follow the progress as we keep you informed about the current issues.
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  3. The ABURY Collection GmbH re-invests 50% of the profits in social projects. Through the work with the ABURY Collection we created an innovative social entrepreneurial business approach that support our causes. In addition, employees of the ABURY Collection donate 10% of their time to the ABURY Foundation.