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We believe that if you empower a woman by improving social, economic and educational opportunities there will be a ripple effect of development across the community, contributing to make change happen!

„Investing in a woman means investing in the future of her children, family and the community.“

Before we started working in Douar Anzal, Morocco (a village community about 90 minutes from Marrakesh in the Atlas Mountains), we did a zero measurement study of education and work opportunities in the region. The result was shocking: Almost 80% of the women were illiterate and the same quota did not have permanent work, demonstrating clearly, that a focus in education would be the basis for employment and independency.

Basic literacy training is the foundation of our work – but it does not stop there. We encourage the women to be self-sustainable by getting work opportunities so that in the long-term they can operate indepently of us and be self-sufficient. The focus lies, among other things, on craft work training, which allows them to make carpets and bags.