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Berber-Rug Knitting Project in Cooperation with Dorothee Schumacher

Berber-Rug knitting is a long old and magnificent Moroccan tradition that has been passed along within generations. The women in Douar Anzal have been creating hand-woven carpets as long as they can remember. The idea was to make use of the skills they already have to then start unfolding their inner potential and help them to be self-sustainable. The women themselves were excited with the idea of starting their own little business. And after the first talks with them and back here in Germany, we found an amazing designer to embark on the first partnership that would bring this project forward: Dorothee Schumacher.

Dorothee Schumacher not only gave a generous donation which enabled us to finance weaving frames for the women, but also gave us her expertise, including guidelines on design and colour, which the women then would implement to present the first Berber-Rug samples. The path towards the final Berber-Rug was not a short one. Without a doubt, the first samples were beautiful, but did not represent the preferred colouring taste from the west quite yet. Sometimes a lot of colours are too many colours 🙂

After a few meetings and samples the final colour and knotting technique was developed and the result, a beautiful joint creation designed by Dorothee Suchmacher and knotted by the women in the Atlas Mountains. The incredibly beautiful Berber-Rugs now adorn Dorothee Schumacher showrooms!


This common learning is not only a beautiful experience, but is also the start of a project that can bare many more fruits. The samples that were created can serve many more cooperations and of course, Berber-Rug carpet orders. And the power of showing the women, that there is a path to self-employment through the use of their own craftsmanship has a huge impact is strengthening self-reliance and confidence in themselves.

The fundamental idea behind the ABURY Foundation is that people can be independent, happy and self-sustainable by learning to use their talents. For Dorothee Schumacher, as well as for us, it is an affair of the heart to be active in places where heritage, with its deep cultural meaning, can be an inspiration for modern design. To preserve the crafts is only a way of preserving the culture and is, in addition, a reflection of a beautiful and rich cultural identity that is hopefully saved from getting lost.

You want help us develop this project, get your own design or even personalize a Berber-Rug? Send us an email at The women are happy to receive your order!