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Clean your Village!

In September 2014, we started our first environmental project: the initiative “Clean your village”. The issue: rural villages around the world lack of an efficient garbage collection system, resulting in large amounts of waste on the and and in the water. In the past, this represented a minor problem, as almost everything was organic and decomposable. But today almost everything is plastic and plastic remains!

So we started the day with 30-minutes of lighthearted educational training in ecology. We explain what plastic is, and what it means for our environment. Directly after, we cooperatively started collecting the rubbish from the fields and the roads. And what at the beginning was observed inquiringly from the distance, soon ended as a competition among the youth: who had collected the most rubbish :). This was only the first step towards an illuminating process that aims to create awareness. This topic and the importance of an eco-friendly mentality, which was put to light in Duor Anzal, will be regularly discussed in class and is planed to become a regular activity throughout the scholar year.