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Colorful Chairs, Bright Future

In 2014, the ABURY Foundation School in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco, was suddenly in need of more chairs and benches for their students subsequent to the registration and enrolment of quite a few more kids for the new school year. We called for the contribution of our friends, family and supporters – with a donation of 50 euros to fund a chair with the added bonus of having their names written on it by the children.

In spring 2015, we finally gathered the money needed to complete this colourful and exciting task. We went to the village bringing new chairs and had great fun painting them together with the children.

With the number of students growing every year, and the idea of opening a second school in the region, the need for new chairs is always present. If You would like to contribute to this noble cause and get your name on one of the chairs? We are thankful for any contribution!