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Water Well Construction

Between 2011 and 2015, the ABURY Foundation supported the construction of a well for Douar Anzal. A major problem in many Berber villages is the supply of drinking water. The groundwater level is very low (sometimes lower than 100m) and rivers have a tendency to dry out during the summer months; even if there was water left in the rivers, it is ususally too dirty to use for drinking or cooking. The sources of drinking water are usually far from the village. And it is one of the daily tasks of women and youth to walk up to five kilometers to collect water for the community.

The ABURY Foundation, together with the “Association for Development and Culture”, supported the conduction of a “feasibility study”. The analysis of the water quality was completed in cooperation with “Engineers without Borders.” The well was built in 2012/13.

The magnitude of this project was made possible thanks to the generous support of a private donor. In 2014, the diesel generator was replaced with a solar pump. The implementation of solar panels, present a considerably more ecological, cost-effective and efficient alternative in the long-term. Thanks to the good “power” of sun energy, this new solar pump is now enabling the water well to work properly. We would like to cordially thank Mr Hamid Ouffata and his daughter Sohaila. Without his financial support and technical expertise this solar pump project would not have been possible.