Pass on the Flame

“Tradition is not to preserve the ashes, but to pass on the flame.” ‘PASS ON THE FLAME’ is a charity art project, that explores cultural identity and heritage. It reflects on cultural similarities and differences. It presents different interpretations of the beauty of cultures and their flames that are worth being safeguarded. The connection and

Colorful Chairs, Bright Future

In 2014, the ABURY Foundation School in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco, was suddenly in need of more chairs and benches for their students subsequent to the registration and enrolment of quite a few more kids for the new school year. We called for the contribution of our friends, family and supporters – with a donation

Intercultural Education Project

In March 2011, in collaboration with the organization “Pencils for kids”, we implemented an intercultural education project week for the kids in our school in Douar Anzal. In addition to the local kids, three children from the USA and Spain took part in this project. All together, they painted, photographed, played and shared this experience.

givebackPACKS for a Colourful Future!

In places where school attendance is the exception, rather than the rule, a little help can have a great effect. Education is the key to the future, and the necessary supplies for this should not be ommitted. We have 30 children in our pre-school that needed a backpack for the new school year. In December

Pre-School for Children

It is important for any child to be prepared before starting school. The ones in our village in Morocco weren’t, because there was no Pre-School for children. When we started working in the Atlas Mountains in 2012, we carried out a “zero measurement study”, focused on the education level. For children between 6 – 16