Water Well Construction

Between 2011 and 2015, the ABURY Foundation supported the construction of a well for Douar Anzal. A major problem in many Berber villages is the supply of drinking water. The groundwater level is very low (sometimes lower than 100m) and rivers have a tendency to dry out during the summer months; even if there was

Intercultural Education Project

In March 2011, in collaboration with the organization “Pencils for kids”, we implemented an intercultural education project week for the kids in our school in Douar Anzal. In addition to the local kids, three children from the USA and Spain took part in this project. All together, they painted, photographed, played and shared this experience.

Atlas Sewing School

The first ABURY sewing school was founded in our village, Douar Anzal, in June 2011. The construction of the school was made possible by the ABURY Foundation and the implementation of a Microcredit. This way, the schoolroom actually belongs to the community, and because of their involvement with the entire process, they feel responsible and

givebackPACKS for a Colourful Future!

In places where school attendance is the exception, rather than the rule, a little help can have a great effect. Education is the key to the future, and the necessary supplies for this should not be ommitted. We have 30 children in our pre-school that needed a backpack for the new school year. In December

Training Centre in Marrakesh

In 2011, at the very beginning of the ABURY Foundation’s work in Morocco, we started a training center for young women on leather embroidery in Marrakech. The idea was to tackle the high youth unemployment and above all, provide young women with a prospect of long-term employment. In a couple’s house, both professional tailors, the