Alicia Bravo

Project Management
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Alicia grew up in Chile, Southamerica and had her first experience with social work volunteering for the youth-led organisation "Un Techo para Chile" and doing nightly Food Runs in High School. Looking for new challenges, she moved to Europe to work towards her academic career studiyng Advertising and Marketing at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. With her degree in her hand and some working experience in the Event, Fashion and Music business, she decided to follow her true passion: travelling. After a year of falling in love with people, places and cultures she came back to pursue a Masters in Creative Industries Management in the UK. There, she came across the topic that would give sense to it all: Social Entrepreneurship. Alicia started working for the ABURY Foundation in November 2015, supporting projects such as PortrAid, the ABURY Foundation School, "Pass on the flame - art for charity" and taking responsability over the organisation, communication and planning for the Foundation.