Why We Do It

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“We believe that everybody has exceptional skills, they only need an environment where they can blossom. And to create these environments is our mission.“

In 2007, when Andrea Bury came to Marrakesh for the first time to rebuild an old house, she was instantly fascinated by the extraordinary skills of its craftsmen. She immerselsed herself in the culture, got to know the people but alongside the countless wonderful discoveries, she soon encountered some of the challenges this country faces:


– High illiteracy rate among females – particularly in the countryside – that often exeeds 70%

– Exceedingly low female labor force participation, resulting in high dependency

– Increased cheap imports, leading to a decline in prices of handdicrafts


This is how the desire and idea to initiate a space which would bring two worlds together emerged – we offered technology, design and opportunitites; they had technical skills, authenticity and unique stories. Ultimately, to create environments in which everyone can develop their skills, environments in which no dependency exists, and where from inception the focus is on sustainable projects with the ABURY Foundation being merly a catalyst.

Since 2011, the ABURY Foundation is active in Marrakesh and in the community of Douar Anzal in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. Following the social entrepreneurial concept that leads our organisation, we locate the work we do in the places where the ABURY Collection is active. Our desire is to contribute to a more equitable world by giving back to those communities. Ecuador and the UAE are next in line.

“We love discovering different cultures and their beauty and believe in the power of learning from each other.”